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Spain & Portugal

The Douro

In the previous blog we ended our time in Porto, where we enjoyed a fun city trip, delicious diners and beautiful photography spots! Even though we have a preference for the more natural surroundings, we had a lovely time. After Porto, we continued driving inland, where we made our way


In the previous blog we ended our travels by traveling further South, where we crossed the Portuguese border. We ended up at a lovely spot close to Caminha, at the most North-Western point of Portugal. From here on we moved further South to visit Porto and the Douro, which we

Santiago de Compostela

In our latest blog, we fled the uncoming rain in the Picos de Europa and continued our travels towards the west. The drive from Picos de Europa to Santiago was a bit longer (6.5 hours with North), so we were arriving quite late in the afternoon. For the first time

Picos de Europa

After we left our campsite in the beautiful Rioja Valley, we made our way to the Northern Coast of Spain. As the sun finally started to shine for extensive periods of time, we felt we could use some pre-summer warmth and enjoy the Spanish beaches. We made our way to

Rioja Valley

In our previous blog, we made our way from our home country down South, crossing Belgium and France and made it into Northern Spain. As we are both fond of wines and enjoyed our times in previous wine regions as the Barossa Valley (Australia) and Stellenbosch (South-Africa), we immediately drove

Travel facts & statistics

April 10 – May 10 Stats (English)

In the below diagrams, we intend to provide an overview of our monthly travel expenditures & statistics. Please note, we are by no means aiming to either travel “as cheap as possible” and “live the most luxurious life”. We both like wining & dining, which you can probably pick-up from

Moose the Corgi Pt. 1

Hi I’m Moose, not a Moose, but only Moose. I don’t have tall legs or impressive antlers, in fact I have 6 inch legs and two massive fluffy ears. I’m not aware myself of course, but I even have an Instagram account apparently, which they call as dogstagram, where my