Moose the Corgi Pt. 1

Moose the Corgi Pt. 1

Hi I’m Moose, not a Moose, but only Moose. I don’t have tall legs or impressive antlers, in fact I have 6 inch legs and two massive fluffy ears.

I’m not aware myself of course, but I even have an Instagram account apparently, which they call as dogstagram, where my humans dare posting out of my name.
They like to think to know what I’m all about because my doggo face gives it away it seems, yet I feel honored to get my own spot on their homepage.

Moose waiting
Moose clumsy

Something about me and my pride. First things first, I’m not just a corgi, I’m quite special I think, so let me introduce myself and my characteristics to you in this first of a series: Funfacts about Moose the Fluffy Corgi AKA Sinclair of the Jolly Pearls | Part 1.

  • I’m not a perfect corgi it seems (close to it), since I have this extra gene making me so fluffy you want to cuddle me all day (unless I just have been swimming). However, I shouldn’t have been a such, it just happened to me. During my first official corgi inspection, I was judged as unsatisfactory for reproduction, but I was a “nice house-dog”, I guess just how my humans like it.
Moose portrait
Moose hammock chilling
  • I was born on August 5, 2020, but I had to wait until October 1st that year to get my own pack, which now consists of me (the leader as I would suggest) and 2 humans.
  • I bark, I bark more, I bark a lot, maybe I bark too much. My humans aren’t a major fan, but hey I’m a corgi, didn’t I tell you that? Since we started vanlife, I bark a little extra, because you see, there is all this danger on the road and so much happening around us, who else will be protecting us if I don’t?
  • I’m a bit clumsy they say. During my childhood I was always excited to look outside through the window of my humans apartment. To get there, I needed to jump the couch and on into the window sill at once to claim my spot (it was just the best spot in the apartment, so it was mine). However one day, I was so excited, I thought I could make the jump straight up on the window sill. I didn’t make it, but my front tooth did make it, on the sill… so it had to be pulled under narcosis – it was not a good day.
Moose comfortable
Moose attention
  • Allergies; I got some, or many. We learned this the hard way when I was a puppy and I got wounds all over my spine. After endless dietary checks, ingredient testing and finally some blood tests, we now sort of know what I can eat. Well… should it, I can eat almost anything. These days I get this very tasty insect based food. It’s lovely, but at the same time I now can no longer just accept friendly strangers giving me candy (I try though). Also, it’s not always easy to get my food for my humans, sometimes they really need to try hard and get it, like when we were visiting Santiago de Compostela for example.
  • I have this fascination for cucumber and balls and I love play fetching (again, seems I’m the only corgi doing that with love). Sometimes even I ask myself if I’m a corgi. Maybe I’m a supercorgi.
Moose relaxing
Moose in bag
  • When I get something new to taste, like a piece of fruit (not grapes), I first need to make my runs around the house from excitement, then I throw the piece into the air for about 10 times to see how it reacts (might be dangerous you know) and then, if it doesn’t try to kill me, I eat it.
  • I prefer to sleep in bed, in between my humans, but since vanlife this isn’t allowed anymore; mostly because Laura is afraid I jump it at night and kill myself – which isn’t unlikely to happen given the above.
Moose hammock
Moose sleep
  • I don’t really like other male dogs. Especially if they come too close to Laura without asking my permission. Politely. I just don’t accept them getting too close, go walk with your own female friend.
  • As said, I have 6 inch legs, yes I know it’s not much, but I love hiking and the outdoors. When we lived in Norway I joined quite a few trips and I really enjoyed. Norway is clearly one of my favorite countries (also because I’m normally wearing 3 coats).
  • At the time of this blog, I’ve visited 9 countries. Secret between you and me, more to follow, but I will keep you posted!
  • I referred to my coat before, but I mean really, my coat is everything. Ofcourse it dense, fluffy, so it needs to be checked on a daily basis. When they started coat inspections when I was younger, I wasn’t into it. Nowadays? I just drop down and start sleeping. Meanwhile my humans act like garbage collectors; leaves, bushes, dirt, dead hair, tiny bugs, you name it, I all bring it home for them. I mean it’s a win-win right, they have their fun, I get a free massage.
Moose stick
Moose beach
  • About other stuff I bring home: sticks. The biggest, heaviest are the best. I have this ideal way of carrying them around. I grab one end of the massive stick and the rest kind of follows.. usually..
  • I love sitting on your lap. Everyone says I’m kind of a large corgi as are my brothers and sisters, but to me it feels like I’m still a puppy so it should be no problems. I’ll find my way on your lap, just sit tight and I will chill it.
  • Front seat; yes, not the drivers one, my legs don’t reach the paddles, but passenger seat is mine. If someone leaves the seat, bad luck, corgi took your spot, find a new one.
Moose happy
Moose sleeping
  • I sleep in every shape and angle, no problem. On my back, side, belly, curved you name it, just let me.
  • I catch flies; no need for a fly swatter. Well I think I catch most of them, some escape. But I protect everyone from flies, promise.
  • Last one for now. I love sniffari’s. I smell everything. And I mean everything thoroughly. Like this tiny piece of grass, I smell it right around 360 degrees, again if needed. Then I water it and sniff it again. Until I finish sniffing this piece of grass and my nose scents the next sniff to follow. Sometimes my humans like to continue, so we debate how much sniffing time I get.. for some reason they always pull the long end. Oh and also, when we go on sniffari and we cross a road, everyone stops for me. I mean, at least, when we cross a road there’s never any oncoming cars, so I never look either left or right, just casually crossing the road. That’s how I protect my humans. Always.

For now, this is kind of what you should know. Since vanlife my humans collect more fun facts about me on a daily basis, so I guess you might hear more of me. If you care to get more recent and regular updates about me. Just follow my Dogstagram on @its.corgi.moose.

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