Hi! We would like to share something about ourselves as writers of this blog.

Firstly, we would like to introduce Laura (27 years old). Laura used to work as a nurse at various departments in psychiatric hospitals when she decided to follow through on further educating herself with a degree in Psychology. 
After graduating, she built her own company, Mindbridge VA & Coaching, where she supports companies in digital marketing, copywriting and design. As digital nomad, Laura combines her work with her travels.

Secondly, Rowan (31 years old), once educated as a geophysicist, used to work fulltime in the energy industry until recently.
Nowadays, he has taken a different path and decided to hit the road fulltime living in North the Van and enjoying his passion for landscape photography – under the motto: “Every decision made is the right decision”.
In the remainder of his spare time, he likes to play (and beat others) in (board/card) games and he’s infamous for showering a bit too long. As a not-yet digital nomad, Rowan is currently busy building websites, upgrade his photography skills and has the honor of taking care of the daily household choirs. 

During our nearly 11 year relationship, we traveled various parts of the world. We visited the USA and Canada in 2014, Indonesia in 2015, South-Africa in 2016 and spend 6 months traveling South-East Asia, Australia and New-Zealand in 2017. 
After our latest travel in 2017, we made ourselves a promise to do it again within 5 years of our return to our home country. 
In 2020, we decided to expand our 2-man band with four happy paws. Mr. “Moose”, aka “Sinclair of the Jolly Pearls” joined us for our adventures. A Pembroke corgi who appeared to be as clumsy as his female caretaker and on top of that, came with an extra gene giving him a super fluffy coat. The official corgi inspectors therefore concluded him as “not great for reproducing, but a nice and happy housedog” – and so we agree.

In 2022 we had the opportunity to live and work in Norway (Stavanger). During our time in Norway, a long awaited dream. finally became reality. In April 2022, we bought a 2015 Mercedes Sprinter delivery van and we spent the next 11 months to rebuild it to our home on wheels: North. On April 10, 2023, we started our next journey and are now traveling for an indefinite time and (yet) unknown destinations. 

We intend to use this website to give an insight into our experiences and our lives on the road. We hope to take you with us and show you our love for photography and honest stories about what we encountered during our travels. We intend to write in a fair, informative manner with a (little) sense of humor. 

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